Kokoro Dark chocolate wild strawberry

Dark chocolate wild strawberry

These charming woodland strawberries come from Italy to show you their wild side in a white chocolate ganache.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, wild, strawberry

Kokoro Dark chocolate vanilla cola

Dark chocolate vanilla cola

Take a trip down memory lane when vanilla cola was still on the shelves. This secret recipe will fizz in your mouth and take you back to your childhood.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, vanilla, cola

Kokoro Dark chocolate violet black tea

Dark chocolate violet black tea

You don't have to put your pinky up to enjoy this sophisticated combination of tea and flowers.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, violet, black, tea

Kokoro Dark chocolate mint passionfruit

Dark chocolate mint passionfruit

Passion was never this fresh before thanks to this beautiful ganache.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, mint, passionfruit

Kokoro White chocolate spiced apple pastry flake

White chocolate spiced apple pastry flake

If you close your eyes you would swear you were eating apple pie a la mode. No fork needed!

Tags: White, chocolate, spiced, apple pastry, flake

Kokoro Dark chocolate sakura

Dark chocolate sakura

These blossoms mark the beginning of spring in Japan but here they mark the beginning of a delectable piece of chocolate.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, sakura

Kokoro Dark chocolate raspberry

Dark chocolate raspberry

A match made in chocolate heaven, this bar will leave you feeling berry good!

Tags: Dark, chocolate, raspberry

Kokoro Dark chocolate yuzu

Dark chocolate yuzu

The Japanese cousin of grapefruit and lemons is in town to visit your mouth! He's super fresh and loves to wear dark chocolate sunglasses at night.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, yuzu

Kokoro White chocolate brazil nuts yogurt raspberry

White chocolate brazil nuts yogurt raspberry

What happens when raspberries and yogurt go nuts in Brazil? They samba the night away in a creamy sea of white chocolate and you’re invited!

Tags: White, chocolate, brazil, nuts yogurt, raspberry

Kokoro Milk chocolate speculoos

Milk chocolate speculoos

What's better than milk and cookies? Cookies inside milk chocolate! This gingerspice cookie will nibbling for more.

Tags: Milk, chocolate, speculoos

Kokoro White chocolate sake pearls

White chocolate sake pearls

Miss sake never leaves home without her pearls. This ganache is inspired by Nigori sake and it's dreamy flavour is accented with crispy pearls.

Tags: White, chocolate, sake, pearls

Kokoro Milk chocolate orange almond

Milk chocolate orange almond

They recently met on a dating website and already decided to move in with each other. They had a flavourmatch of 99% !

Tags: Milk, Chocolate, orange, almond

Kokoro White chocolate lychee rose jasmine tea

White chocolate lychee rose jasmine tea

They taste as delicate as they sound, these Asian friends will surely surprise you with their exotic flavours.

Tags: White, chocolate, lychee, rose, jasmine, tea

Kokoro Dark chocolate piemonte hazelnut

Dark chocolate piemonte hazelnut

This hazelnut just flew in from his organic farm in Piemonte Italy on official flavour business. He’s the best and he doesn’t mind saying so!

Tags: Dark, Chocolate, piemonte, hazelnut

Kokoro White chocolate matcha rice krispies

White chocolate matcha rice krispies

It's tea time for our rice krispies and they’re enjoying their green tea latté in this beautiful bar.

Tags: White, chocolate, matcha, rice, krispies

Kokoro Dark chocolate blueberry earl grey

Dark chocolate blueberry earl grey

Fancy a tea in the garden? Well now you can have it anywhere! This ganache is made with fresh blueberries and a beautiful earl grey.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, blueberry, earl grey

Kokoro Dark chocolate coconut lavender

Dark chocolate coconut lavender

These personalities form a balanced couple. Mr Coconut’s nutty side brings out the best in Miss Lavender’s otherwise relaxed personality.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, coconut, lavender

Kokoro Dark chocolate fleur de sel citrus confit

Dark chocolate fleur de sel citrus confit

Bitter, salty and sweet. It takes three to tango!

Tags: Dark, chocolate, fleur de sel, citrus, confit

Kokoro Dark chocolate honey chrysanthemum

Dark chocolate honey chrysanthemum

This is the stuff bees dream about, a sweet and fragrant dark ganache.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, Honey, Chrysanthemum

Kokoro Dark chocolate cacao nibs

Dark chocolate cacao nibs

Mr.Nibs is performing in our bar and has promised to deliver his pure and intense cacao flavor.

Tags: Dark, chocolate, cacao, nibs